Here at Backspin Group we accept the following Vector artwork formats: .ai, .eps. .pdf

For Vector graphics we use Illustrator from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.


For non vector artwork we accept Photoshop files from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Please make sure any placed images are at least 600 dpi.


Include all of the needed fonts or images (Convert your text to curves or outlines).

Always indicate PMS colours if the colour match is important.


For multipage documents we can accept Indesign Files (if created in) from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Make sure to embed fonts and images, as needed.


The quality of the artwork we receive is directly related to the quality of your finished imprint.


Examples of artwork that do not reproduce well include: gifs, powerpoint (pps), letterhead, business cards, low resolution jpegs taken off a web site, BMP, Word (doc) (wdp.), photographs, photocopies and faxed art.


If you do not have artwork that meets our needs we would be happy to assist you in modifying or creating your artwork to ensure an accurate reproduction of your logo or image is achieved.


Please email us at to request a quote and be sure to note the name of your account representative.



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